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Free eBook – Take This Life and Love It!

Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.

Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.

What is true happiness? What is it all about, and most importantly, how do you achieve it? Find out in Take This Life and Love It! In this e-book, Tom Lawhead gives you his take on happiness and how you can acquire it. According to the book description, he “candidly shares his failures, weaknesses and regrets as well as many lessons about how to avoid the same pitfalls.”

Take This Life and Love It! 53 Ways to Help You Do Just That is an e-book that shares practical advice on issues such as family, faith, money, career and other things in life. This e-book is valued at $9.99. Now you can get it FREE!

Read this book and learn how to Take This Life And Love It! It’s available FREE for a limited time at

Free Web Hosting for Dummies Book

FREE Web Hosting For Dummies Book

FREE Web Hosting For Dummies Book

If you have a web site or a blog hosted by a “free” hosting service, you may want to consider hosting it yourself. There are many advantages to this, not the least of which is the ability to maintain control of your site and its content.

If you’d like to make move from a hosted environment to a self-hosted service, this is the book you need. Whether you are upgrading from casual to professional blogging or are already hosting yourself and want to get more out it, Web Hosting For Dummies can help. It helps break down all the functions of web hosting for self-hosted users, such as creating new e-mail accounts to backing up and securing your site, analyzing server logs, choosing a platform to install, and more, and it does it in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Web Hosting For Dummies is a $16.99 value, and now, for a limited time, you can get it FREE!

This book is a complete, one-stop resource on web hosting. It covers:

  • setting up and using e-mail accounts
  • working with FTP clients
  • backing up and securing sites
  • using cloud services
  • understanding domains and DNS
  • using built-in databases
  • and more!

Web Hosting For Dummies breaks down the functions of web hosting for new self-hosters and helps those who are already self-hosting maximize the services they are paying for, allowing you to take charge of your own web hosting and have fun in the process!

Web Hosting For Dummies is available as a FREE download for a limited time only.

Free Guide – Find And Get the Job You Want

Free Guide - Find and Get The Job You WantAre you searching for a new or better job? When it comes to finding and landing the job you are seeking, it’s all about what you know. Find — and Get — The Job You Want: 12 Steps to Job Search Success is an easy guide that covers the 12 areas of job hunting that can make or break your next career move. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to make your next break!

This guide includes everything you need to get started in your job search. Topics include:

  • Finding Your Next Job Without Your Current Boss Finding Out
  • Five Things Job Seekers Should Do Every Workday
  • 5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Job Search Organized
  • Plus 8 additional articles!

Download Find — and Get — The Job You Want: 12 Steps to Job Search Success today and learn how to find the job you really want! It’s FREE!

Free e-Book – How to Make Money Blogging

w_monc01c8Are you a blogger? Have you ever wanted to start your own blog? Can you make money with it? If so, How?
How to Make Money Blogging is a Free eBook that gives you the scoop on making your blog profitable. Learn tips and tricks from the Money Saving Mom and starting earning real money from your blog.

Download this free eBook today & learn the ins and outs of making money with your own blog. It covers:

  • Necessary Traits of Successful Bloggers
  • Ways to Set Your Blog Up for Success
  • Tips for Writing Top-Notch Content
  • Ways to Build & Increase Your Readership
  • Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings with Affiliate Advertising
  • Tips for Selling More Sidebar Ads
  • The Pros and Cons of Joining and Ad Network
  • Ways to Use Your Blog as a Springboard to Earn Additional Income
  • About the Author
  • Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Download your e-book How to Make Money Blogging now. It’s Free!

Free Audio Books

Librivox_kgrIf you like audio books, listen to this. You can your own personal library of audio books that you get FREE!

Librivox is a collection of audio books available for free in the public domain. There are thousands of titles to choose from, covering everything from classic fiction, plays and poetry to non-fictional works that are historical, educational or autobiographical.

The audio books are free to download and save to your computer, mp3 player, mobile device, or burn on a CD to listen to and enjoy. According to their web site, the Librivox objective is “To make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet”.

Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project powered by volunteers and donates its recordings to the public domain. The audio books are free to download, distribute and re-purpose as needed in the United States.

Free trade publications and technical downloads for professionals

If you’re a professional who wants to stay on top or you are searching for a career in a particular industry, One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing a readily available resource that is chock-full of valuable content that will keep you informed and in the loop. I’m talking about industry trade publications.

Nearly every industry has at least one trade publication that professionals subscribe to and follow to keep up with current news and trends in their chosen field.

Trade publications include both electronic and print magazines, periodicals, white papers, multimedia webinars, audio and video podcasts and other media. They are a great source of  news and content about products, services, issues and trends in the industries they cover. Of course, they are also full of self-promotion and sales pitches, but if you are a professional, who needs to keep up with what’s happening in a specific market or industry, it’s readily available to you so you can improve job skills, market yourself to potential employers or start your own business.

These publications are a great way to educate yourself because you can peruse them at your leisure. You can subscribe to as many as you need or want or you can focus on the ones that are specific to your area of the business.

The best thing about these publications is that nearly all of them are FREE to professionals who qualify. If you work in an industry or field covered in a particular publication, all you have to do is fill out a qualifying form to show that you meet the requirements as an industry professional.

Trade publications are not aimed at the general public, so the form is necessary to filter out those who are not qualified. It takes a few minutes to fill out the form, but once you do and are approved, you are in. Overall, it is well worth the investment. After all, they are free, and you can’t beat free.

I subscribe to several trade publications myself. Some I read regularly. Others I use as a reference when needed. All of them connect me to the industry I am in and provide content I can use to help me stay informed.

All you need to do is go to, browse through the list of trade publications available, fill out the form to qualify and your done. There is no credit card required and no payment to make. The trade publications are free to qualified professionals.

Free trade publications and technical downloads for professionals

Free Comic Book Day 2015 is less than a week away!

Each year, comic book and hobby stores around the country have contributed to an annual celebration called Free Comic Book Day. Its blunt and straightforward title describes exactly what happens: people give away free comic books. Simple.

Of course, before you begin dreaming of walking out of your local comic shop with boxes of your favorite comics free of charge, I must inform you that there are limitations. First of all, you can only get three comic books per person, so choose carefully. Second, there are only certain comics printed specifically for Free Comic Book Day 2015. You may recognize these by the titles “FREE COMIC BOOK DAY” that will be placed in bold letters on the top of the cover. If that isn’t obvious enough, the comics will be separated on tables set out for this occasion.

Free Comic Book Day takes place annually on the first Saturday in May, so this year it will fall on Saturday, May 2nd.

Be sure to check out the official website for all the details that I was too lazy to type down.

Also, take a look at the list of all 50 comics that will be available this year, as well as some sneak peeks.

Just make sure not to come to late, or else it will all be gone! Will you be waiting in line first thing in the morning? I know I will.

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