Free podcast – How To Make Every Morning A Miracle Morning

Free podcast from Entrepreneur on Fire – How To Make Every Morning A Miracle Morning
Wake up each day with more energy, motivation, and focus and take your life to the next level.

Podcast synopsis:

“Hal died at age 20. He was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, died for 6 minutes, suffered permanent brain damage, and was told he’d never walk again… Not only did Hal walk, he ran a 52-mile ultra-marathon, became a Hall of Fame business achiever, an international Keynote Speaker, and is the #1 Best-selling Author of what is being called one of the most life-changing books ever written: The Miracle Morning.”

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Free Comic Book Day video review

Free Comic Book Day video review

It’s that time of year again! Time for our favorite annual freebie event, Free Comic Book Day! We’ve talked about it on the podcast. We’ve blogged about it on the site. This year we made a video! In our Free Comic Book Day video review we tell you what it’s all about, show you what it’s like and give you some tips on how to make the most of this exciting event. It’s a great day out for the entire family.

Free Comic Book Day is a annual event held at participating comic book stores nationwide on the first Saturday of May. This year FCBD will be held May 6, 2017. If you like comic books, and you like free stuff, you’ll love this! For more information and to find a list of the comics available for free this year, visit

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Free short story e-book November 6

Free short story e-book called Story A Day 2013 by Morgen Bailey
Free short story e-book

If you like to read and you like free, we have the perfect freebie for you, a free short story e-book! Story A Day May 2013 will be available on the Kindle FREE on November 6, 2016!

Written by UK author, blogger and podcaster Morgen Bailey, this 81 page e-book is a collection of 31 fictional short stories and poetry inspired by writing prompts from the writer creativity challenge blog during the month of May, 2013. The compilation includes a mix of various genres. Some are poignant, some dramatic and some humorous. All are entertaining and easy to read.

Story A Day May 2013 Kindle Edition is available free on November 6 from Amazon. A selection of other books by Morgen Bailey are also available.

Penny Stock & Options Trading audio book review

Penny Stock & Options Trading audio book
Penny Stock & Options Trading audio book

I’ve been interested in the concept of investing for quite a while now, and am still researching all the possible opportunities to grow personal wealth. Earlier this year I considered the prospects of investing a small amount of my income in penny stocks. Thinking this would be an easy, inexpensive way to dabble in the stock market without risking huge sums of money that I didn’t have, I set up an account with an online brokerage and began the process of searching for companies in which to invest.

However, as I began to research the penny stock landscape, I got cold feet. The more I read about it, the more cautious I became. After a few weeks, I realized that I didn’t know enough about penny stocks to feel comfortable enough to dive in, so I backed out of the idea entirely and without investing a single penny. I’m glad I waited.

Recently I received an invitation to review an audio book called Penny Stock Trading & Options – Trading QuickStart Guides: The Simplified Beginner Guides to Penny Stock Trading & Options Trading. Published by ClydeBank Media and available at, this audio publication is a primer for the beginning investor who is interested in dipping a toe in the penny stock and stock options markets. Actually, it isn’t one audio book, but two, offered together in one convenient bundle for $14.95. I received a copy of this audio book free in exchange for my honest review. As it turns out, it was just what I needed.

Narrated by Peter Bierma, The Penny Stock Trading Quick Guide is a no-nonsense, easy to understand beginner’s introduction to the world of penny stocks, and in some aspects, the stock market as a whole. The first chapter starts off with the basics of stock trading, and I mean the basics, such as what stocks are, what a stock market is and how stocks are traded. From there it dives right into the specific area of penny stocks with a fast but surprisingly thorough set of tutorials. These lessons covered the risks involved, the metrics and formulas to learn and use when researching the performance of the stocks and companies in which you want to invest, and the pitfalls to watch for when trading. The audio book also warns about the many scams that permeate the penny stock marketplace.

I had already done some research into the topic, so the first few chapters were somewhat rudimentary for me. I was also aware of some of the more well-known scams, such as the pump-and-dump schemes. However, the metrics, formulas and ratio calculations were quite helpful. These were the tools I did not have on my first visit to penny stocks. I now have something to work with, a renewed interest in the penny stock arena and a little more confidence in the world of investing.

The second title in the audio book bundle, Options Trading, was a bit more awkward to get through. Also narrated by Peter Bierma, this one dealt with stock options, something I’ve heard a lot of but knew little about. It is clear this one is also written for beginners, but it also tackles an area of the stock market that is more complicated to navigate and understand than simply trading the stocks themselves. I slogged through it, and I learned a lot more from this one, but I was still left somewhat confused. To be fair, my interest in the stock market doesn’t include the specific area of stock and commodity options trading, so I’ll admit I got lost a few times. I do know that knowledge is power. The more I know about how the stock market works, the greater the chances of success with it, so I listened.

In short, Options Trading does a good job of explaining what I consider a more convoluted area of the stock market in relatively simple terms. Had it been a dryly written paperback, I would have dozed off after page 1, but it wasn’t. I can’t say that it was more interesting as an audio book, but it kept the explanations simple with enough real world analogies and examples to keep me from getting totally lost. The only downside to Options Trading is that the topic itself doesn’t work well in an audio book format without a visual element to accompany it. Some of the concepts can be difficult to grasp without a chart, graph or some other illustration to more effectively explain them. Fortunately, this package has it covered.

The audio book bundle includes a supplemental in the form of the Audiobook Companion PDF, a document in pdf format with all the charts, graphs, tables and formulas referenced in both Quick Guides. Although touted in the audio book as helpful but not necessary, the supplement is indeed important, especially when listening to the second audio book.

The pdf file isn’t bundled directly with the audio book. It needs to be downloaded separately, and the audio book includes instructions at the beginning on how to do so. Do this before you get too far into the books. Trust me, you’ll need it.

There is one issue with the audio book bundle. Each illustration in the companion pdf is labled figure 1, figure 2, etc. and the narrator refers the listener to them as the book progresses. The Options Trading book and companion are not in sync from illustrations 24 to the end of the companion. For instance, when the narrator says “please refer to figure 24 in the companion pdf”, the correct reference is figure 28. It isn’t a deal breaker, but makes an already challenging topic to grasp all the more confusing.

In summary, Penny Stock Trading & Options – Trading QuickStart Guides: The Simplified Beginner Guides to Penny Stock Trading & Options Trading is a recommended listen for anyone who wants to get into the stock market for the first time. It’s relatively easy to understand and easy to listen to, even when you are on the go. It also contains some good advice, without being preachy. Before you spend a penny on penny stocks, you may want to consider this audio book. It may save you much more.

Full Disclosure: I received this book for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Free Guide To Pinterest

Free Guide To Pinterest
Your Guide To Pinterest is offering a Free guide to Pinterest. Called simply Your Guide To Pinterest by Maggie Marystone, it gives an overview of this unique online “pinboard platform of images collected, organized and shared by millions of Pinterest members and users worldwide.

Pinterest was created in 2009, and in less than a decade has built a platform with over 20 million loyal users. According to a recent report by The Social Habit, 21% of social media users have a Pinterest account, and the number continues to grow. Forbes claims Pinterest is the third most popular social networking site behind Facebok and Twitter. The bottom line? If you are not on Pinterest, you’re missing out.

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Free Comic Book Day is almost here!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that will land on May 7th this year. Traditionally, it is on the first Saturday in May. On this day, comic book stores hand out specially-printed issues of comic books. Each person will get to choose a certain number of those comic books. But you only get to choose while supplies last, so be sure to get there early to snag the issues you want!FreeComicBookDay

Here are some tips to getting the most out of this special day:

Most comic book shops participate in this country-wide event, but not all. Be sure to check with your local comic shop and make sure they are participating, and check their schedule so you can be ready when they open their doors.

Because each shop only lets you take a few comics, it’s best to bring some friends and family so you can all get a variety of comics.

Find out the kind of comic books being offered by checking Free Comic Book Day’s official website and looking at the list of available comics. Again, these aren’t normal comics. They are specially printed comics containing special stories or preludes connecting to other comics in those series. If you want an Avengers comic that is being offered, for example, then you will have to grab the Avengers comic with the “Free Comic Book Day” logo on the cover, and not a normal Avengers comic.

Keep in mind that these comics may be free for you, but the stores distributing them still have to pay for them. Be sure to thank the employees for your free comics!

Now that you have them, use these tips to get ready for Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2016! If you love comic books, be sure to give all the support you can to the event that brings together comic book fans throughout the country!

Free Cook Book – How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies

How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies Free e-book
How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies Free e-book

Do you have a problem creating quick and healthy meals for picky eaters? Do you struggle with the problem of what to serve for dinner each night?
This book solves it! How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies by Leann Forst, MBA CHHP, is a collection of quick and easy hidden veggie recipes the whole family will love. This book is a $9.95 value, and now, for a limited time, it’s available FREE!

From the book description: “Leann takes the burden off of moms & dads that want to feed their family good nutrition without the hassle of added preparation. By using veggies in the form of baby food, organic vegetable powders and other tricks, Leann sneaks additional nutrients into family favorite recipes in a snap – making picky eaters a thing of the past and bringing harmony to the dinner table”.

Some of the recipes in this cookbook include:

  • Creamy Pumpkin Oatmeal
  • The Best Beet Gingerbread Muffins
  • Easy Veggie Pasta Casserole
  • Savory Turkey Veggie Meatballs
  • Good Double Cheesy Quesadillas
  • Secretly Stuffed Peppers

And more!

Get your FREE copy of How to Get Your Kids to Beg for Veggies now at:

Free eBook – Take This Life and Love It!

Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.
Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.

What is true happiness? What is it all about, and most importantly, how do you achieve it? Find out in Take This Life and Love It! In this e-book, Tom Lawhead gives you his take on happiness and how you can acquire it. According to the book description, he “candidly shares his failures, weaknesses and regrets as well as many lessons about how to avoid the same pitfalls.”

Take This Life and Love It! 53 Ways to Help You Do Just That is an e-book that shares practical advice on issues such as family, faith, money, career and other things in life. This e-book is valued at $9.99. Now you can get it FREE!

Read this book and learn how to Take This Life And Love It! It’s available FREE for a limited time at

Free Web Hosting for Dummies Book

FREE Web Hosting For Dummies Book
FREE Web Hosting For Dummies Book

If you have a web site or a blog hosted by a “free” hosting service, you may want to consider hosting it yourself. There are many advantages to this, not the least of which is the ability to maintain control of your site and its content.

If you’d like to make move from a hosted environment to a self-hosted service, this is the book you need. Whether you are upgrading from casual to professional blogging or are already hosting yourself and want to get more out it, Web Hosting For Dummies can help. It helps break down all the functions of web hosting for self-hosted users, such as creating new e-mail accounts to backing up and securing your site, analyzing server logs, choosing a platform to install, and more, and it does it in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Web Hosting For Dummies is a $16.99 value, and now, for a limited time, you can get it FREE!

This book is a complete, one-stop resource on web hosting. It covers:

  • setting up and using e-mail accounts
  • working with FTP clients
  • backing up and securing sites
  • using cloud services
  • understanding domains and DNS
  • using built-in databases
  • and more!

Web Hosting For Dummies breaks down the functions of web hosting for new self-hosters and helps those who are already self-hosting maximize the services they are paying for, allowing you to take charge of your own web hosting and have fun in the process!

Web Hosting For Dummies is available as a FREE download for a limited time only.

Free Guide – Find And Get the Job You Want

Free Guide - Find and Get The Job You WantAre you searching for a new or better job? When it comes to finding and landing the job you are seeking, it’s all about what you know. Find — and Get — The Job You Want: 12 Steps to Job Search Success is an easy guide that covers the 12 areas of job hunting that can make or break your next career move. After reading this guide, you’ll be ready to make your next break!

This guide includes everything you need to get started in your job search. Topics include:

  • Finding Your Next Job Without Your Current Boss Finding Out
  • Five Things Job Seekers Should Do Every Workday
  • 5 Clever Ways to Keep Your Job Search Organized
  • Plus 8 additional articles!

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