Free Comic Book Day is almost here!

Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that will land on May 7th this year. Traditionally, it is on the first Saturday in May. On this day, comic book stores hand out specially-printed issues of comic books. Each person will get to choose a certain number of those comic books. But you only get to choose while supplies last, so be sure to get there early to snag the issues you want!FreeComicBookDay

Here are some tips to getting the most out of this special day:

Most comic book shops participate in this country-wide event, but not all. Be sure to check with your local comic shop and make sure they are participating, and check their schedule so you can be ready when they open their doors.

Because each shop only lets you take a few comics, it’s best to bring some friends and family so you can all get a variety of comics.

Find out the kind of comic books being offered by checking Free Comic Book Day’s official website and looking at the list of available comics. Again, these aren’t normal comics. They are specially printed comics containing special stories or preludes connecting to other comics in those series. If you want an Avengers comic that is being offered, for example, then you will have to grab the Avengers comic with the “Free Comic Book Day” logo on the cover, and not a normal Avengers comic.

Keep in mind that these comics may be free for you, but the stores distributing them still have to pay for them. Be sure to thank the employees for your free comics!

Now that you have them, use these tips to get ready for Free Comic Book Day on May 7, 2016! If you love comic books, be sure to give all the support you can to the event that brings together comic book fans throughout the country!