TFSS-08 – Book Review: 50 Things To Know About Getting Free Stuff To Review

A review of an e-book called 50 Things To Know About Getting Free Stuff To Review, free cheese sticks and a free guide to help you find the job you want.

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We review an e-book called 50 Things to Know About Getting Free Stuff to Review: Understanding What it Takes to Get Offers
and discuss if it is really worth the price. NOTE: This is an Amazon affiliate link. Unless you are a Kindle Unlimited or an Amazon Prime member, or are otherwise offered an opportunity to receive this book free, please listen to the review on the podcast before you consider purchasing 50 Things To Know About Getting Free Stuff To Review. The link is provided only as a courtesy for those who want to learn more about the book and should not be considered an endorsement or solicitation to purchase the product.

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A comment about Episode 06 – Does a Zero Price Equal Free?

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