Cesar Home Delights review

Cesar Home Delights Slow Cooked Chicken & Vegetables Dinner
Cesar Home Delights
Last week we received a free sample pack of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ Canine Cuisine to review and gave it to Tommy’s dog Cosmo to try. The package included the following:

  • 1 sample of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ in Slow Cooked Chicken with Vegetables
  • 1 sample of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ in Beef Stew
  • 1 sample of CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ in Pot Roast with Spring Vegetables

Now, Cosmo is a little Cockapoo who is somewhat of a picky eater, and there are some brands and types of dog food he won’t readily eat. He does love people food, however, and will practically demand to be fed samples from our table. Cesar markets their Home Delights as a gourmet dog food that is as close to home cooked human food as one can get. This made our samples that much more interesting to try.

The first sample we gave him was the Slow Cooked Chicken with Vegetables. He really went for this one, and it was clear he liked it a lot. He liked it so much, in fact, that he kept going back to the empty tray to find out if we had added more. He licked the tray clean and then some. We had a winner on the first round.

The next morning we gave him the Beef Stew. He liked this one a lot as well, eating it with almost the same enthusiasm as the first sample. Another winner.

That evening we set down the Pot Roast with Spring Vegetables. This one he didn’t seem as excited to eat. As it turned out, he was not really all that hungry to begin with, so we put it in the fridge to save it for the next morning.

The following morning I set it out for him again. This time he went for it and, like the other samples, he did like it, however he didn’t lick down the tray as he had the others. He left a few morsels behind. Instead, he came back to our breakfast table looking for other handouts, an indication that the Pot Roast wasn’t his favorite.

In all, he did like the Cesar Delights, especially the Chicken. Although Cesar is more expensive than his regular dog food, it is packaged in portions that are more appropriate for small dogs like Cosmo than a big can that has to be portioned and then refrigerated for multiple servings, which makes Cesar more convenient and easier to distribute to him. This is especially useful when we travel, as we often take Cosmo along with us.

Plus, he likes them, especially the Slow Cooked Chicken with Vegetables, which makes Cesar Delights a nice treat to give him a break from his routine diet.

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