Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food video review

Recently Tommy and I each received one coupon for a free sample bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food through Swaggable in exchange for our review. During the holidays, we fed the first bag of Bil-Jac to Tommy’s dog. Cosmo. As it turns out, Cosmo seems to enjoy freebies as much as we do. But what do we think of it?

In this video, we find out what’s really in the bag and how it compares to the leftovers and table scraps dogs like Cosmo crave.

7 thoughts on “Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food video review”

  1. Entertaining review! Thanks for the insight into Bil-Jac. At $18 for such a small bag – will probably keep feeding our dogs Rachael Ray’s brand (which they’ve been loving for 2 straight years now, which is unheard of). I’m with you though – dogs love table scraps. If that’s what’s in the bag – how can that be wrong?

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