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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Free eBook – Take This Life and Love It!

Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.

Take This Life and Love It! Free e-book.

What is true happiness? What is it all about, and most importantly, how do you achieve it? Find out in Take This Life and Love It! In this e-book, Tom Lawhead gives you his take on happiness and how you can acquire it. According to the book description, he “candidly shares his failures, weaknesses and regrets as well as many lessons about how to avoid the same pitfalls.”

Take This Life and Love It! 53 Ways to Help You Do Just That is an e-book that shares practical advice on issues such as family, faith, money, career and other things in life. This e-book is valued at $9.99. Now you can get it FREE!

Read this book and learn how to Take This Life And Love It! It’s available FREE for a limited time at

2 Free Grilled Chicken Tacos at Del Taco

Del Taco is currently offering a deal for 2 free grilled chicken tacos. All you have to do is sign up for Del Taco’s e-club to receive the offer. Not only do you get those tacos, but on your birthday, you can get yourself a free shake! If you use all of those coupon on your birthday, that’s a whole free meal right there!

To sign up, visit Del Taco official site and fill out the requirements.

If you’ve never had a grilled chicken taco before, and you also like birthday shakes, then this is the best way to try it!

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